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Association of Energy Services Professionals Expands Training Courses

The Association of Energy Services Professionals is adding 12 new courses to the AESP Institute, the educational and training arm of the association.

These courses range from a complete seven course curriculum in Demand Response (DR) to one-day courses in Competitive Power Markets, Natural Gas Markets, Renewable Energy Markets and Risk Management. Rounding out the expansion is a two-day course on Leadership Training for Exceptional Team Performance.

These new offerings join the existing courses offered by the AESP Institute which include introductory and advanced courses in Demand-side Management (DSM), Strategic Marketing of Your Energy Efficiency Programs, and Principles of Evaluation, Measurement and Verification (EM&V). With the addition of these new courses, AESP is able to provide a much broader curriculum to serve the growing educational needs of its members and other energy professionals.

The AESP Institute courses are typically delivered onsite at a utility for a flat rate and can be semi-customized to meet regional needs.

Courses can be delivered on a standalone basis or mixed and matched to create a unique utility-specific curriculum. For example, a curriculum could integrate DSM, EM&V, Marketing, and/or other courses and be delivered over a three- to four-month period. This cost-effective model provides maximum flexibility for busy utility staff.

"All our courses are taught by experienced industry insiders with hands-on experience in the subjects they teach," said Meg Matt, president and CEO of AESP. "Their ability to convey concepts clearly, engage the audience and meet learning outcomes is reflected in their consistently high evaluations."

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