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ABB Foundation Established for Talented Engineering Students

A foundation set up by ABB to honor the achievements of the former chairman and CEO, Jürgen Dormann, has now been formally established and will offer scholarships, starting in 2008, to talented engineering students in different parts of the world who need financial support to enable them to study.

Legal work to set up The ABB Jürgen Dormann Foundation for Engineering Education was recently completed in Baden, Switzerland.

“We are now working to establish partnerships with universities and colleges of higher education in a number of countries,” said Gary Steel, chairman of the Foundation’s board. “We will work together with them to select suitable students.”

The application process for scholarships is expected to begin in two to three months’ time. About 50 students are expected to benefit from the scholarships in the first five-year period.

The partnering universities in the first year are based in Brazil, China, Egypt, India and Poland. Additional universities and/or countries may be selected in subsequent years.

ABB announced in May 2007 that it would set up the not-for-profit foundation with total funding of 20 million Swiss francs ($16.6 million).

It is designed to support talented students of limited means to pursue studies in engineering by providing financial assistance for a maximum of five years. The performance of each participating student will be assessed annually by the universities and ABB.

In addition to their scholarships, successful students will be invited to attend regional and international events, hosted by ABB, and will be allocated a local ABB mentor. They will also have the opportunity for paid internships with ABB during vacations and – depending on their performance and personal wishes – the possibility of ABB employment at the end of their studies.

“Selected universities will soon invite applications for scholarships, and we look forward to working with them to identify suitable candidates," said Steel. "The scholarships represent a tremendous opportunity for the right candidates – the students will benefit not only from financial support, but also from the expertise and guidance of a company like ABB.”

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