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B-Scada Releases Status Enterprise

B-Scada has made available Status Enterprise 2.0 RC1, the release candidate of its enterprise level HMI (Human Machine Interface) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) System.

Status Enterprise allows you to create a more organized and flexible SCADA system. The asset management capabilities add intelligence and relevant information to HMI screens in addition to live data. Status Enterprise goes beyond SCADA, providing a system that gives all the information needed to make more informed decisions.

Status Enterprise builds on the Status Machine Edition HMI, released in 2008. In addition to SCADA functionality and an HMI designer, Status Enterprise incorporates asset management capabilities through a data model. This allows an asset, say a sensor, to have more than just an updating value. It can have an asset Id, model number, manufacturer, efficiency, operating ranges, troubleshooting instructions, or part numbers. Through Status Enterprise, you could even define work tickets, maintenance requirements and incidence reports that are all available with live data in HMI screens.

HTML5 support in Status allows you to view data on today's most popular devices, phones and tablets wherever you need it. Being ISA 95 friendly and using open OPC UA, Status is secure and can integrate with other systems in your enterprise both consuming and providing critical information.


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