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WeaveGrid Launches Electric Vehicle Initiatives With Southern Company Subsidiaries

April 30, 2024
The program aims to support EV adoption by simplifying home charging for customers in Alabama and Georgia.

WeaveGrid, a software provider whose products help enable accelerated electric vehicle (EV) adoption on the electric grid, will collaborate with Southern Company subsidiary Alabama Power to launch an innovative new program for EV owners in the Alabama Power service footprint. 

The company is also working with Georgia Power to pilot a similar program for a limited number of EV owners in Georgia.

The program aims to support EV adoption by simplifying home charging for customers in both states, offering streamlined access to electric utility incentives for charging vehicles during off-peak periods, as well as managed charging optimizing charging for economic and grid benefits.

Georgia Power and Alabama Power customers participating will be able to optimize their home charging and access exclusive EV benefits. Customer enrollment is facilitated through WeaveGrid's user-friendly evPulse platform, which supports qualifying vehicles and home charging stations.

Participating EV owners will have benefits such as:

•    Up to $100 of incentives, including a $50 sign-up incentive and additional incentives for ongoing participation.
•    Visibility into home charging costs through a personalized dashboard and weekly charge summary emails.
•    Optimization to simplify home charging by automatically charging at the most cost-effective times.

Georgia Power and Alabama Power are interested to support greater grid flexibility, enhance grid reliability and further encourage EV growth.

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