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Construction Underway on EV Fast Charger Hub in Downtown Madison

July 1, 2021
With power levels up to 350 kW, the hub will feature some of the most powerful EV chargers in the Midwest.

Madison Gas and Electric (MGE) has begun construction on a new electric vehicle (EV) fast charging hub in the heart of Madison's Capitol East District to advance sustainable transportation. One of the first of its kind in Wisconsin, the charging hub located at East Washington Avenue and South Livingston Street is expected to begin serving EV drivers later this year.

"Our new fast charging hub will provide convenient EV charging — powered by renewable energy — for nearby apartment and condo dwellers and single-family households, commuters, taxi and ridesharing services as well as EV fleet vehicles that travel a gateway to our capital city," said Debbie Branson, MGE manager of electrification. "Electrification is a key strategy for reducing carbon emissions and achieving net-zero carbon electricity by mid-century. Quick and easy EV charging will help to enable the growth of cleaner, more sustainable transportation options."

The MGE will install high-speed chargers to serve eight stalls at the site along East Washington Avenue. With power levels up to 350 kW, the hub will feature some of the most powerful EV chargers in the Midwest. These chargers will support charging for EVs with even larger batteries and greater driving ranges in the future while serving EV models with smaller batteries. Through a partnership, Tesla will also install eight Superchargers. Charger installation will continue into the fall.

EV drivers who sign up with the MGE are eligible to receive 50% off the cost of charging at the MGE's more than 40 wind-powered public charging stations, including the utility's five fast charging stations across the area and the chargers at the upcoming charging hub.

In May 2019, the MGE announced its goal of net-zero carbon electricity by 2050. To achieve deep decarbonization, the utility is growing its use of renewable energy, engaging customers around energy efficiency, and working to electrify transportation — all of which are key strategies identified by climate experts.

"Transportation is a leading contributor of greenhouse gas emissions, both locally and nationally," said Branson. "Advancing electric transportation and providing EV charging infrastructure will help us reduce emissions and improve air quality in our area."

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