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Geotab Launches New Business Unit to Support EV Adoption

Jan. 8, 2021
Geotab Energy helps to bridge sustainable transportation with sustainable energy by offering services designed to support adoption of EVs with electrical grid infrastructure.

Geotab, a fleet tracking and management solutions provider, recently unveiled Geotab Energy. Focused on the electric utility and electricity demand management market, Geotab Energy helps to bridge sustainable transportation with sustainable energy by offering products and services designed to support the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) with electrical grid infrastructure.

By helping utilities understand, plan for, and manage the integration of EV charging with the grid, Geotab's new business unit helps ensure that EV owners can be supported by the key infrastructure that provides consumers with electricity at home, work, and within their communities in the most efficient manner possible.

"Simultaneously supporting the charging needs of EV drivers, as well as the grid reliability needs of their respective utilities, is a key factor for EV adoption to thrive, and an area we've made a strategic decision to support," said Eric Mallia, vice president, Geotab Energy. "As with other Geotab solutions, we believe EV charging should be flexible, reliable, and affordable — consumers should have the ability to charge their vehicles whether at home, work, or elsewhere, without enduring unsustainable increases to electricity rates. By providing innovative solutions for both utility companies and EV owners to harmonize EV charging with cleaner and more cost-effective electricity generation, Geotab Energy takes a multi-stakeholder approach that will help move the needle toward a more sustainable future."

With growing EV adoption, utilities are facing increased energy demand to support the volume of EVs charging simultaneously — many of them being charged when returning home from work in the early evening system-peak time. Unmanaged vehicle charging load can negatively impact the electric grid, overwhelming infrastructure and requiring costly upgrades and repairs.

Geotab Energy helps provide an accurate understanding of the impact of EV charging loads across a service territory by processing data directly from a vehicle's internal systems and making it available via its SmartCharge Rewards web platform. SmartCharge Rewards helps electric utilities navigate and reduce the impact of EV charging on the grid, and helps to equip them with relevant EV-specific data to support new programs and possible infrastructure changes.

Geotab Energy's SmartCharge Rewards platform can also support utilities in identifying optimal charging times and then encouraging EV owners to charge during those times by providing customers with incentive-based rewards. Additionally, EV owners may benefit by gaining access to information about their EVs, such as insights into their driving efficiency, as well as vehicle battery health and more.

"Studies have shown that the majority of people buying EVs are motivated by doing the right thing to reduce harmful impacts on the environment. What they don't always consider is that their charging behavior also leaves a footprint and can be optimized by mindful charging practices," said Mallia. "Geotab Energy is a key driver in ensuring that consumers and utilities are able to confidently move forward with EV adoption, knowing that they are playing their part in helping advance a carbon-neutral footprint."

Geotab Energy complements Geotab EV (a Geotab division), which specializes in providing telematics for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and EVs. Geotab EV currently aggregates and manages electric load data from more than 100 EV makes and models, and all EV charging methods.

Geotab Energy is first launching in North America, with plans for future expansion. While Geotab Energy is first focused on helping utilities support EV owners, the company expects that as fleets become more electrified, the solution will also empower business operators to make smart decisions that can help optimize operations on every level.

For more information on Geotab Energy, visit here.

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