European Battery Producer Launches Intelligent EV Battery

Nov. 25, 2020
Battery developed through a combination of artificial intelligence and high throughput technology.

InoBat Auto, a European electric vehicle (EV) battery producer, recently launched an intelligent EV battery that the company claims is the world's first. The battery has been developed after a year of research and development (R&D) through a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and high throughput (HTP) technology. It will provide an energy density of 265Wh/kg by the end of 2021, which is expected to increase to 298Wh/kg by mid-2022.

InoBat's technology-led approach to battery production enables it to create batteries that deliver an almost 20% increase in operational range for current best-in-class EVs. This technology also allows InoBat to reduce its dependence on cobalt and set a goal of boosting energy density of the batteries to 330 Wh/kg and 1000 Wh/l by the end of 2023.

"The world's first intelligent battery marks a huge leap forward in the electrification of transport. At InoBat, we want to fast track innovation to ensure the best batteries for any type of EV. These batteries will be tested and developed further with scale production starting next year," said Marian Bocek, co-founder and CEO of InoBat Auto.

InoBat aims to accelerate the rapid implementation of electro-mobility solutions in Europe by developing a fully integrated value chain, which will increase the global competitiveness of the European economy and provide a long-term sustainable solution to the automotive market.

The company is developing an AI-driven battery research center and production line in Voderady, Slovakia, which will begin producing its first intelligent batteries in 2021. It is also progressing plans to build a 1 billion euros (US$1.18 billion) 10-GWh Gigafactory with the potential to provide 240,000 EVs with bespoke batteries in 2025.

InoBat also recently announced a strategic partnership with Manz AG, a global high-tech engineering company, which will supply the production equipment for the R&D center and production line, designed by architectural firm Takenaka.

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