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Ford Prepares to Unveil E-Transit

Nov. 5, 2020
Zero-emission, all-electric E-Transit to be unveiled on Nov. 12.

Ford recently announced it will officially unveil its zero-emission, all-electric E-Transit — a new version of the company's cargo van — on Nov. 12.

According to a new survey conducted in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany, people are increasingly expressing openness to delivery services operated by electric vehicles (EVs). More than 60% of Americans and 68% of British citizens care about the environmental impact of vehicles used by delivery services. That's a 12% increase in the United States alone since earlier in the year, when Ford conducted its initial survey.

In all three countries, more than half of respondents said they'd choose an electric-powered delivery service over a gas-powered one, if price and arrival times were the same, with 54% in the United States and nearly 58% in the United Kingdom saying so. Even if they had to wait longer for a delivery via zero-emissions vans, 43% of Americans and almost 50% British citizens said they would do so.

Regarding the scheduled unveiling, the company said the time was right for a new type of transit, something that would remain the backbone of commercial business while serving both the community and the environment.

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