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Bidgely Personalizes EV Experience Through AI-Powered Electrification Solutions

Oct. 29, 2020
Applied AI and personalization techniques to drive customer engagement and operational efficiencies.

Bidgely is advancing electrification initiatives with global utilities and energy retailers through applied artificial intelligence (AI) and personalization techniques proven to drive customer engagement and operational efficiencies.

The company equips utilities with the ability to identify electric vehicles (EVs) in the home, create personalized customer load-shifting incentives, and pinpoint customers with a higher propensity to invest in EVs or solar photovoltaic (PV). These data-driven insights generated through Bidgely’s advanced analytics helps utilities and energy retailers plan for the impact of EVs and renewables on the grid for better load management as well as achieve their decarbonization and clean energy goals.

"The growing adoption of EVs presents a unique opportunity for utilities and energy retailers to further global decarbonization efforts, all while gaining greater control of the grid and creating new revenue streams," said Bidgely CEO Abhay Gupta. "Bidgely uses AI to help not only identify and manage the impact of EVs on the grid but also implement solutions to make the EV customer experience personalized and engaging."

Using applied-AI data to determine lifestyle characteristics and customer preferences, Bidgely’s patented disaggregation technology empowers utilities to hyper-personalize customer offerings and influence behavior without investing in additional meter hardware or customer surveys. The Analytics Workbench Solution advances electrification initiatives through:

  • EV identification: Insights into EV ownership, the specific time an EV is charged, and how many kilowatt-hours were used.
  • Load-shifting incentives: Influence customers to shift charging to off-peak hours through the creation of simple, personalized incentive programs, all without spending US$500/home on giving away a charger unit.
  • EV and PV adoption: Identify through machine learning customers fitting into the profile of a home that would benefit from purchasing an EV or solar panels and have the highest propensity to do so.

A recent deployment of Bidgely’s EV solution for an East Coast utility servicing 300,000 customers provided the utility with insights into EVs across its entire territory, accurately detecting the number and location of EVs in use, identifying charger size, and pinpointing specific charging times. This intelligence resulted in:

  • Strengthened customer engagement with new rate structure and program offerings for EV owners based on the analysis.
  • Streamlined marketing spend through more targeted communications with EV owners.
  • Maintained grid integrity by providing strategic direction for infrastructure upgrades.

For more information, visit here.

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