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Hendrix Aerial Cable Systems Provides Solutions for Improved SAIFI/SAIDI levels and Overall Reliability Performance

Sept. 1, 2021
Spacer cable can improve reliability, reduce long-term costs, and improve electric distribution system hardening.

Electric utilities are constantly striving to meet or beat the expectations of customers and stakeholders. While the power industry is evolving in many respects, a near constant demand for reliability improvement and extreme weather preparedness is pervasive in the electric distribution sector. Hendrix spacer cable is a product designed to minimize the impact of the root causes of outages on overhead distribution systems, including storm related interruptions and wildfire risks, while improving important reliability metrics such as SAIFI and SAIDI.

This whitepaper, “System Hardening and Other Benefits of Covered Conductors,” provides an overview of covered conductors, with highlights on the cost and time saving opportunities available with spacer cable use in areas difficult to engineer with standard wire. Environmental advantages, safety, and cost considerations for spacer cable also are discussed. Download the whitepaper to take your distribution system storm and wildfire hardening, as well as overall reliability, to the next level with spacer cable and the complete project planning to system operation support services available from Hendrix.

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