TEP Solves the "First Man Up With 100 Percent Fall Protection" Dilemma With Atlas Tower Kit

June 8, 2018
TEP Atlas Tower Kit

Linemen for Tucson Electric Power (TEP) often must access structures in remote locations. To get the first lineman up towers with 100 percent fall protection, TEP invested in a pneumatic launcher and ascender from Atlas Devices. In this video, linemen use a kit to access a 345 kV tower near Tucson, Arizona. 

In the video below, a TEP crew uses the Atlas Tower Kit 2, which includes the compact launcher and APA-5-U powered ascender, to reach a mid-span spacer on a 345 kV line. According to Atlas Devices, the Tower Kit 2 is compact enough to easily fit on a side-by-side ATV to remotely access energized towers and conductors. 

The compact launcher shown has a vertical reach of more than 75 ft, and the APA-5-U powered ascender can lift rescue loads of up to 600 lbs and ascend up to 1400 ft with a 250 lb load on its extended battery. Both systems integrate seamlessly with standard climbing and safety equipment to maintain OSHA compliant 100% attached climbing. For higher heights, linemen can use the REBS launcher from the Atlas Tower Kit 1 to reach more than 160 ft.

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