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Utilities Create Awareness During National Electrical Safety Month

Nationwide, power companies are spreading the message of electrical safety during the National Electrical Safety Month of May.

Safety is always paramount at electric utilities nationwide, but during the month of May, safety takes a special center stage during National Electrical Safety Month. During this time, utilities educate their customers about driving safely in work zones to protect linemen, not overloading outlets and staying away from power lines. For example, linemen are visiting schools to talk to children about electrical safety, and utilities are sharing safety tips on social media. 

The campaign is led by the Electrical Safety Foundation International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting electrical safety in the home, school and workplace. This year, the theme is "Electrical Safety During Natural Disasters." It focuses on the importance of preparing for, weathering and rebuilding after natural disasters. 

How is your company helping to recognize Electrical Safety Month? Email T&D World Field Editor Amy Fischbach with your photos and stories. Here are a few examples we spotted on our Instagram page, LinemenWorld


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