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UTILCO Lineman Tools Offers New Six-Ton Pressure Gauge

The UTILCO Pressure Gauge is one of the tools up for consideration for the Top Tools of Trade product competition in the Lineman Tools category.

UTILCO’s pioneering, patent-pending, UPG-6T-I 6-ton pressure gauge directly measures the applied force on the D3 area. 

It will fit into most 6-ton, W-die taking tool jaws on the market today.  There is no need to remove the tool jaw to insert the gauge prior to use. 

A “Hold” feature allows force to be read after removing from tool.  As with other lineman tools, the pressure gauge is backed by a five-year UTILPro warranty. 

For more information, view the Web site or visit the UTILCO booth at the International Lineman's Expo. 

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