Hurricanes 2017
Toronto Hydro truck CNW Group/Toronto Hydro Corporation
Toronto Hydro crews spent more than three days restoring power in the Tampa area of Florida

Toronto Hydro Crews Finish Work in Florida, Head to Long Island

Utilities along eastern seaboard are preparing for effects of Hurricane José

Toronto Hydro crews that have spent a busy weekend restoring power in the Tampa area of Florida following Hurricane Irma, are now traveling back east.

Tampa Electric Company released its crews yesterday afternoon, and they have now been dispatched to the Long Island area, which is expected to feel the effects of Hurricane José when it brushes past the eastern seaboard as a tropical storm on Tuesday or Wednesday.

During their time in Florida, our crews helped with a variety of tasks including patrols, pole replacements, transformer replacements and service work. In one assignment, they restored power to approximately 184 units in a large trailer park.

They left the Tampa area this morning and expect to arrive in Long Island sometime on Tuesday evening.

  • Toronto Hydro previously assisted with power restoration in Long Island following Superstorm Sandy in 2012
  • Toronto Hydro is a member of the North Atlantic Mutual Assistance Group (NAMAG). NAMAG is a consortium of 26 utilities from across the North Atlantic that have signed an agreement to share resources during an emergency, like the 2013 ice storm, tropical storms, hurricanes, and other disasters 

"This year's hurricane season is proving to be particularly devastating. While there's still work to be done in Florida, the impending arrival of high winds and rain in Long Island means our crews are being diverted to that area to help prepare for potential outages," John Borowitz, general manager, Distribution Grid Operations and Emergency Management, Toronto Hydro.

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