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Journeyman Line Worker Creates Pocket-Sized, Interactive Transformer Lab

Jan. 26, 2022
Line workers and apprentices can practice their transformer connections with this real-time lab from Digital Apprentice.

A journeyman line worker, Trenton Carlock, has created a mobile transformer lab that can fit in your pocket and allows you to practice transformer connections.

The device is fully interactive and isn’t more than just an app with diagrams and information, says says Carlock of Digital Apprentice. Live affirmation and correction towards transformer education was once something that could only be found in the field or in the classroom, but not any longer, he says.

 “Whether you are brand new to the trade, just learning about transformers or a seasoned lineman, the XFMR app can help you learn more about transformers or keep your knowledge on the subject sharp, Carlock says.

“With transformer banks, bank diagrams, troubleshooting and basic transformer paralleling, you can get a leg up on your transformer knowledge with this app. In the labs you’ll be able to check voltage and rotation with the multimeter, inspect the secondary coils and nameplate, blow fuses and check your work when you’re done.

In quiz mode users select the number of labs they want in their quiz and whether correct rotation is required to complete the lab. During the quiz, users are assigned labs completely at random. “When you are done you are given a grade out of 100,” Carlock says.

The app can be found on iOS in the Apple App Store and on Android in the Google Play Store.

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