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Protect Linemen With a Tablet Harness

Oct. 4, 2021
OmniGear will be showcasing its Two Hand Touch SafeT-HT at the International Lineman's Expo.

Within utility work, lineman safety is absolutely paramount. As implementation of new technologies, such as tablets, for data analysis and data input becomes more commonplace, a growing concern for safety and efficiency has developed.

Linemen working in the field, climbing utility poles and working at great heights should always have both of their hands available. When one hand is pre-occupied by holding or working on a tablet, safety is greatly reduced, and reaction time in potentially dangerous situations can be negatively affected.

Placing the tablet in OmniGear's Two Hand Touch SafeT-HT, a safe and secure harness, frees up linemen's hands, allowing them to react as necessary while securing the tablet and offering quick access to the technology needed to do the job effectively.

Putting the weight of the tablet closer to the employee’s core — or their center of gravity — is more ergonomic and decreases hand fatigue and cramping. Designed with high-visibility fabrics, the SafeT-HT ensures all safety protocols are adhered to, whether or not the tablet is in use.

Adjustable viewing angles allow for best usage of the tablet regardless of the position of the user, and built-in pockets provide easy access to tools, radios and more.

To learn more, visit the OmniGear booth at the International Lineman's Expo. 

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