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Huskie Tools Introduces More Tools and More Power with New Line

Sept. 13, 2021
The company expands its seventh-generation hydraulic tool line onto a new battery platform.

Huskie Tools, LLC, located just outside of Chicago, Illinois, announces an expanded lineup of 61 new battery-powered hydraulic tools. Series 7R Pro Line works with one of the most widely and commercially available battery platforms, Milwaukee®.

“The Power to Choose, could not be a more appropriate message to our customers," stated Nicholas Skrobot, CEO, Huskie Tools. "We listen intently to their requests and feedback. When asked us to offer an additional battery platform and more tools – we delivered by adding the new 7R Pro Line Series to our already fast-growing and proven 7M Pro Line Series on a Makita battery platform.” 

Huskie Tools' 45-year focus has been on developing and building the best-performing, most durable, dependable, and safest line of cutting and compression tools for linemen in the utility industry.

“We have the experience, knowledge and resources to engineer the best and safest hydraulic tools in the industry," explained Dan Voss, product development director and 30-year Huskie Tools veteran. "I’m proud to be part of such a talented product team that allows us to launch 61 new tools this year. Our total battery-powered tool count is now over 190, when you count the 74 Makita® powered cutting and compression models, launched in 2019 — it’s why we’re the #1 choice of experienced linemen." 

Huskie Tools introduced the industry’s first line of battery-powered hydraulic cutting and compression tools in 1989, and today offer more than 190 battery-powered tools on three battery platforms: Makita®, Huskie Tools®, and now Milwaukee®.  

“I’ve been with Huskie Tools since the beginning, and we know what it’s like to use our tools in a driving rainstorm with thousands of families depending on you to restore their power," stated Roger Richter, business development director. "Or to have to twist and contort your body just to access an underground area that needs repair. That’s why we offer an extensive line of battery-operated hydraulic tools that are among the fastest, and most ergonomically designed and balanced on the market." 

For more information, visit the Web site. 

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