Storage Stand For Pilot Line Controllers

Auger Technologies Launches New Storage Stand

Aug. 27, 2021
The system stores Pilot Line Controller Systems used for stringing power, telephone and cable TV lines.

Auger Technologies will introduce a new stand for the efficient and effective storage of up to 4 Pilot Line Controller System (PLCS) in Booth #1012 at The Utility Expo. 

This robust stand is suitable for either 3000-ft controller, reel, and rope or 6,000-ft controller, reel, and rope.  It is constructed of heavy-duty steel that is primed and powder coated for a long service life in demanding conditions.  An integral lifting hook allows the stand to be lifted and moved by a boom truck when on site.  The Auger Technologies PLCS Stand keeps Pilot Line Controllers well organized to reduce or eliminate the damage and delay caused by storing PLCs haphazardly in Gaylords and other similar containers. 

In addition to convenient storage off site, it also simplifies usage of the PLCS on site, keeping spools close at hand and out of the mud and muck prior to usage.  A winch shaft adaptor is provided with each stand for ease of use in the field.  The PLCS stand is suitable for storage of reels used for any overhead environment, including distribution lines, telephone lines, cable TV lines, and more. 

Originally designed and patented by Alaskaug in the 1960s, and made in America, the PLC includes a positive braking controller and a storage reel of rope, which mounts to the lead pole at any desired height.  This unique system, available in wood or non-wood construction, saves labor and eliminates dangling “finger lines.” 

Simple Installation and Usage
Mounting to a wooden pole is accomplished with lag screws, or with an adjustable chain tightener, and for non-wooden poles with the adjustable chain tightener.   Once mounted on the lead pole, the lineman takes the pilot lines up the pole and places them in the stringing blocks as he frames each pole.  After these lines are pulled out they can be tied off under tension and left until it is time for stringing the conductor.  When the pulling line is ready to be installed, the same storage reel can be mounted on either a pole mounted winch or a line truck winch, allowing the storage reel to rewind the pilot line, thus hauling in the pulling line under pressure.

A brake on the controller allows the storage reel to dissipate the storage line when the rope is pulled and engages when the line is slack, thus eliminating “backwinding” while holding tension during installation of the pilot line. The controller brake is factory set, with adjustment screws provided for fine-tuning if needed.  The Pilot Line Controller System can be mounted singularly or in any desired number on the pole for maximum efficiency.  

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