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Aerial Device Features Jib Capacities for Trouble Truck Applications

April 2, 2021
The Hi-Ranger TL48 Telescopic Aerial Device offers side reach and material handling capacity.

Terex Utilities announces a new Hi-Ranger telescopic aerial device with jib capacities to meet the needs of trouble truck applications.

“The key features of our new Hi-Ranger TL48 aerial device include achieving 53 ft of working height on a Super-Duty class vehicle, while maintaining the required payload and jib capacity to get the job done at the desired boom angle,” said Joe Caywood, Director of Marketing.

“Utility customers were looking for material handling capability throughout the work zone to accomplish switch work, small transformer replacements, insulator maintenance, and other tasks without having to reposition the truck,” Caywood. “This need was not being met on Super-Duty class vehicles and current products that were in the market – until now.”

With a side reach of almost 32 ft, the TL48 has 500 lbs. bucket capacity plus maximum material handling capacity of 1,000 lbs. The key feature is when the upper boom is at a horizontal position it still achieves 800 lbs. jib capacity with the inner boom retracted at 23 ft. side reach and 26 ft. working height, and 200 lbs. fully extended at 32 ft. side reach, where similar units have no material handling capability. The product is offered with an end-mounted Cobra-style hydraulic, articulating jib as well as side mount bucket and jib configurations. 

All TL units support ground access, making it easier to hand off tools, support personnel rescue, and clean out debris in the platform. Like all Hi-Ranger telescopic booms, the TL48 is equipped with a rigid rectangular boom constructed from epoxy resin and bi-axial wound fiberglass filament.  This process and design achieve consistency in insulating properties, size, density and strength-to-weight ratio of the boom.

A swivel wear pad on the upper boom provides uniform surface contact with the fiberglass extension, further contributing to smooth boom operation. Full pressure open-center hydraulics give operators smooth boom responsiveness and feathering control.

Simple maintenance access and hose systems are intended to help fleet managers reduce service costs over the life of the equipment. The pedestal design allows technicians ease of access to bearing bolts and O-ring face seal fittings are located above the pedestal rotation.

“Terex continues to find solutions for our customers as we listen to their needs,” said Caywood. “The TL48 provides the versatility working height, side reach, payload and capacity in the work zone that line workers need to get the job done.”  Additionally, with the recent release of the Ford F600, International Navistar CV Series and Chevy 6500HD that support GVW greater than 22K lbs the TL48 provides a well-balanced solution.

For more information on the TL48 aerial device, visit https://www.terex.com/utilities/en/product/hi-ranger-tl/tl48.

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