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New Product for Linemen's Rubber Sleeves Addresses Age-Old Problem

March 5, 2021
Big Duke Buttons allow linemen to safely secure their rubber sleeves.

Linemen have used rope, zip ties, black tape and super glue to keep their rubber gloves up. To protect linemen while they are working on energized lines and equipment, Big Duke Buttons invented a product. 

The buttons stand up to glove and sleeve change outs, daily handling and storage without breaks or damage to the rubber goods. 

"There was nothing available to fix this problem," the inventor stated on his Web site. "I care so much for the safety of my brothers and sisters. Something had to be done, so I stepped up and fixed the problem." 

The buttons are sold in an individual four-pack. In addition, linemen can purchase five, 10, 25 or 50 four-button packs. 

For more information, visit the Web site

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