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New Retractable Tether System Prevents Tools From Dropping

Nov. 10, 2020
The products are designed to protect workers at height.

Radians, a manufacturer and supplier of personal protective equipment (PPE), has entered a new protection category with the introduction of their tether ready vests and retractable tool tethers.

According to Radians President, Bill England, “Radians’ new tether line improves workplace safety and productivity, reduces worker frustration, and saves money too because a dropped object prevention plan is less costly than the medical and legal expenses often associated with these injuries.”

Radians retractable tethers meet the ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 standard for dropped object prevention solutions. This standard establishes minimum design, performance, testing and labeling requirements for solutions that reduce dropped objects incidents in industrial and occupational settings.

According to the ISEA, “Struck-by falling objects kill hundreds of individuals each year and injure tens of thousands more.”  OSHA reports that “on average, nearly 140 people are ‘Struck by A Falling Object’ every day in the US.”

VP of Industrial Sales, Dave Larimer, said, “Radians’ new tether products are a relevant and rapidly growing safety practice, especially while working at heights. Our unique integrated system will play a significant role in workplace safety. Not only does our system prevent objects from dropping but the tethers and tools are securely contained in heavy-duty grommeted anchor pockets inside the vests when tools are not in use. This prevents the tether from entangling.

“Since the tether and tool disappear when contained in the pocket, workers won’t drop tools.  Plus, the tether won’t snag or catch on nearby items, causing workers to lose their balance, which is often the case with fixed-length tethers,” said Larimer.

 “Radians tethers don’t snap back when released and an engineered spring produces a tangle-free retraction. Workers will know where their tools are, plus our Quick Connect system allows for easy tool changes when beginning a new task,” said Nicole Novick, product manager for Radians.

Radians’ new line includes a heavy-duty and a multipurpose surveyor vest, eight Made-in-the-USA retractable tethers, and a Tool Lanyard Attachment Accessory for tool changes. Their tether system can accommodate pencils and pens, cell phones, tablets, hard hats, tape measures, small radios, and tools up to two pounds.

 “We used patented technologies and materials to create our new tether line,” said Novick. “Engineered with a Spectra/Nylon line that resists wear and fatigue, our tethers have proven success in tough environments, including military, saltwater submersion, construction, manufacturing, communications, and working at heights from ladders or scaffolding.”

To learn more about a dropped object prevention plan for your workplace or Radians’ full line of PPE, visit www.radians.com

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