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Tool Tethering Kits Prevent Dropped Objects

Nov. 6, 2020
Stronghold by Pure Safety Group launched new kits for workers at height.

Stronghold by PSG, the dropped objects prevention brand of Pure Safety Group (PSG), announces the introduction of all-in-one tool tether kits for use by workers at height.

The kits include a full suite of products, available in three neatly bundled designs exclusively for specific trades, to prevent tool drops from at-height work locations, onto people and infrastructure below. The kits feature Stronghold’s  tethers that connect tools to wrists, belts and other anchors, to eliminate drop hazards. Coils, bungees and swiveling premium tethers that prevent tangles while handling tools while working, no matter which tool attachment is used, are featured in the kits.

Other kit items include drill boots, tape measure sleeves, webbing with D-rings, tether cinch loops, vibrant orange tool tether attachment tape, anti-vibration tool tether shackles, wire core swivel screw gates, synching wrist straps and PPE caddy glove holders. The kits incorporate the new ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 for Dropped Objects Prevention Solutions wherever the standard applies and are aimed at eliminating the guesswork of purchasing proper tool tethering supplies.  Three Stronghold tool tether kits are available covering more than 15 different common industry trades.

The first kit: 99-11-0125 is designed for steel and ironworkers to accommodate their common tools, such as hammers, pliers, levels, spud wrenches, combination wrenches, tape measures, squares, clamps and cordless tools. 99-11-0125 is also useful for millwrights, boilermakers, riggers, welders, pipefitters and concrete workers, and is ANSI-compliant with applicable noted exceptions.

The second kit: 99-11-0126, designed for scaffold workers, is ANSI-compliant with applicable noted exceptions, for common tools used on scaffolding, including hammers, scaffold ratchets, combination wrenches and tape measures. 99-11-0126 is also suited for insulators, material handlers, warehouse workers and glaziers.

The third kit: 99-11-0127 is made for use in general construction, and is ANSI-compliant with applicable noted exceptions, to accommodate common tools used by construction workers, such as hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, levels, pliers, tape measures and cordless tools. 99-11-0127 is also appropriate for carpenters, electricians, instrument fitters and technicians.

“After closely studying the work patterns and behaviors, challenges and opportunities, of a wide variety of workers at height, we’ve bundled together their most commonly-used tools, customized for their specific duties, to make it quick and easy to prevent drops,” said Mathew Moreau, product manager of dropped tools and FME at Pure Safety Group (PSG) and chair of the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) Standards Committee for Dropped Objects Solutions. “We’re hoping to reduce the 278 deaths and 52,700 injuries a year, in the U.S. alone, caused by dropped objects. By providing kits by trade, we can help professionals safely work while being productive.”

For more information about Stronghold tool tether kits, visit the Stronghold website

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