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Conductor Cleaning Brush Offers 360-Deg Cleaning

Sept. 28, 2020
The brush from Utility Solutions Inc. has an ergonomic handle and a pad replacement feature.

The Conductor Cleaning Brush from Utility Solutions, Inc., offers 360-deg cleaning and is shotgun operable. The patent-pending flexible pads on the USCC-010 model clean conductors from 1/8 in. diameter up to 3 in.

A third outside brush allows for traditional style cleaning on any flat surface. The Conductor Cleaning Brush offers a unique pad replacement feature. No need to throw away the tool when the pads wear out.

The USCC-010 model requires no tools. The ergonomic handle is suitable for glove or stick operation. Machined from a tough weather-resistant polymer and have heavy-duty spring-loaded jaws for aggressive cleaning.

Editor's Note: In the September 28 issue of the Lineman's Rodeo News enewsletter, we stated that the Conductor Cleaning Brush was manufactured by MADI, not Utility Solutions, Inc. We apologize for the error. For more information on the products for the line trade from Utility Solutions, please visit their Web site. 

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