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Users Can Configure Pin-On Augers to Job-Site Demands

Sept. 2, 2020
The original Alaskaug auger, developed specifically for the harsh conditions of the northern tundra, are now available with pin-on augers to suit site demands.

Auger Technologies presents their Alaskaug line of pin-on augers,  which are essentially two augers in one, that can be fitted with two different style heads to suit the project at hand.  Initially developed to conquer the Alaskan tundra, these heat-treated cast steel heads provide maximum performance and service life, with the convenience of interchangeable heads.  With flighting from 8 in. to 36-in. in diameter and either 2 ½ or 2 5/8-in. cast steel male hex connection, these rugged, versatile augers are configured for digger derricks or production type diggers. 

Auger teeth and pilot bits can be configured to suit any environment from 1030 blocks for solid surface conditions, to bullet teeth for gravel or dirt. Available with industry-leading lead-times.  Alaskaug Pin-On Augers are suitable for foundation drilling, utilities, telephone and communications, water wells, oil and gas exploration and more.

In addition to pin-on augers, Auger Technologies also manufactures heavy-duty augers for production augers for digger derricks, standard boom-type augers, duplex pressure diggers, 9000 bullet type augers, and more. 

A full range of accessories is available to enhance production and efficiency, including 1030 blocks and carbides, conical/bullet teeth, conical tooth removal and replacement kits, anchor augers, kelly bars, pilot bits, adapters and more. 

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