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Emerson Introduces Greenlee Gator Remote Cable Cutter

July 16, 2020
The Remote Cable Cutter was developed in partnership with utility standards and methods writers across North America.

Emerson has announced the release of the new Greenlee ESG105LXR Gator Remote Cable Cutter to the high-voltage industry. The ESG105LXR Remote Cable Cutter was developed together with utility professionals to help create a method to “remove the target” from the work area when cutting cables where electricity could be present. Unlike overhead electric power distribution systems, underground shielded electric cable systems cannot be visually traced back to an open point to ensure the cable is isolated and de-energized. 

The Remote Cable Cutter has the flexibility to cut cables up to 4.13 inches and offers the operator the option to make cuts via remote control or in manual handheld mode. Additionally, the Remote Cable Cutter uses Bluetooth communication and a patent-pending blade sensor system to help confirm that the cut has been completed. The remote cutting ability of the ESG105LXR adds improved precision and confidence to professionals that are tasked with the job of cutting underground cables.

“While searching for safer techniques, we found that the industry was still the Wild West, with each utility attempting to wedge in existing tools that were not intended specifically for remote cutting,” said Kevin Kinnerk, retired standards and methods writer. “We reached out to Emerson with this dilemma, explained the vision of an ideal tool, and their Greenlee team took the ball and ran.”

Greenlee’s patent-pending technology on the new Gator Remote Cable Cutter gives unparalleled control to the utility professional. These tool features include:

  • Cut Control - The operator has the ability to remotely move the blade to stop and reverse the blade at any point.
  • Cut Confirmation – The end position blade sensor confirms the cut is complete with audible and visual feedback to the user.
  • Battery Gauge Protocol - Tells the user if there is enough battery life to finish cuts before the process begins.
  • Manual and Remote Activation – Select between handheld manual or remote usage options.
  • Dual Grounding Port – Located on either side of the cutting head for set-up flexibility.
  • Flip Top Jaw and Guillotine Style Cutting Head - Secures the conductor.
  • Bluetooth Communication - Connect with Greenlee’s i-Press app to track tool performance.
  • Official MET Testing - Testing to IEC 62841-1 has been performed in an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)-approved Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) facility.

“With the continued aging of our electrical infrastructure, the importance of high-tech tools like the new Remote Cable Cutter combined with best-practice work standards from the industry will be key factors in driving improved safety outcomes when addressing risks of mislabeled electricity lines,” said Ryan Berg, director of product management, Greenlee for Emerson. “The new Gator Remote Cutter has been used by high-voltage workers in major metropolitan areas and the feedback we are receiving is that this tool is long overdue.”

Professionals that use the new Gator Remote Cable Cutter report that the tool helps create a better confirmation process that the shielded cable they are intending to work on is free from energization.

“The Gator Remote Cable Cutter and the associated processes helps to ensure the professional is able to safely return home at the end of the day,” said Kinnerk.

Learn more about the new Gator Remote Cutter and schedule a demonstration by visiting Greenlee.com/RemoteCutter. Find a local Greenlee distributor by visiting Greenlee.com/where-to-buy. For more information about Greenlee, visit Greenlee.com.

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