take apart hot stick

Take-Apart Telescopic Hot Stick Specially Designed for Linemen

Utility Solutions, Inc. has created a new telescopic hot stick for live line work. Unlike standard telescopic hot sticks, the BLUE STRIPE Take-Apart Hot Stick features removable sections and a stronger torque value.

“Lineman choose their hot sticks carefully,” says Aaron Wood, Marketing Director of Utility Solutions, Inc. “We know they want a user friendly stick that is strong, durable, and not too heavy.” Wood explains that the patent pending interlocking channels on their new stick allow each section to come apart but also adds strength when twisting.

Today’s linemen build and maintain complex distributions networks that offer diverse challenges. A lineman will operate switches and equipment from the ground, the bucket and the pole itself, all relying on a fiberglass stick for safety. From replacing fuses to occasional tree trimming, they may carry several different style hot sticks on their truck in order to have the right tool for the job. Utility Solutions, Inc.’s new Take-Apart Hot Stick was created to be stronger, easier to use, and more versatile than standard hot sticks. A lineman can simply remove 2-3 sections and adjust the length as needed.

The BLUE STRIPE line uses a unique non-woven fiberglass design created in the company's Hickory, North Carolina, facility. “We have a large fiberglass department that has grown over the years,” said Matt Nolte, Engineering for USI. “Our carefully engineered winding process creates a stick that can handle the harsh environments of line work.” Utility Solutions, Inc. takes advantage of their factory size by incorporating machined buttons and aluminum components in all of their sticks.

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