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401A1614-3024x2023.jpg Sherp

Sherp ATV Maneuvers on Any Type of Terrain

This off-road ATV can cross over boulders, fallen trees, marshes and deep snow. It can also move out of the water onto ice.

The all-terrain vehicle from Sherp, which was exhibited at ESMO 2019 in Columbus, Ohio, can climb up to 3.5 ft high on a slope of 35 deg, has self-inflating and pressure-adjusted tires and skid steering.

The vehicle has a flat underside, additional fuel reservoirs for moving while tilted and fuel efficiency of 0.5 to 0.8 gph. It measures 11 ft long, 8.2 ft wide and 8.2 ft tall. The ATV is constructed of an aluminum body and weighs 2860 lbs.

The two-seat, four-cylinder ATV has a carrying capacity of 2200 lbs. and a maximum speed of 25 mph in its top gear. 

For more information, visit the Web site

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