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Providing Support: Entergy Deploys Line Crews to Restore Power in Hurricane-Ravaged Florida

Right on the heels of Tropical Depression Florence, Hurricane Michael made landfall in Florida. As the weather forecasts started to roll in, utility companies were already lining up their crews to provide mutual assistance. 

For example, Entergy’s Louisiana utilities are sending a team of 170 employees and contractors to help safely restore power in Northwest Florida following anticipated widespread damage by Hurricane Michael.

"Sending crews to help is part of long-standing mutual-assistance agreements by which utilities support one another in times of need," the company stated. "When requested, Entergy operating companies will send as many workers as they can spare to the affected area while keeping enough at home to meet the needs of local customers."

The Category 4 hurricane has made landfall as the strongest hurricane to hit the Florida Panhandle in recorded history. Michael’s strong winds, heavy rain and storm surge have the potential to cause catastrophic damage and prolonged power outages. Entergy’s crews are assigned to Gulf Power Company.  

Here is a short video clip of the line trucks rolling out to travel to Florida for the storm restoration. 



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