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Hastings Introduces Single- and Three-Phase Load Pick-up/Break Switch

Nov. 30, 2017
Hastings Load Pick UP Break Switch

 Hastings recently introduced load pick-up/break switch products in single- and three-phase versions, which allow linemen to install a temporary switch anywhere on their system. The single- and three-phase versions are built to last, and can be used in any weather condition due to a vacuum bottle design featuring high-grade silicone rubber and marine-grade aluminum.

These battery-operated products can be controlled manually using “one touch” button function or operate wirelessly with a Siemens Connect USB Antenna. The battery modules are removable allowing for easy replacement if needed. Siemens Connect Software is included with these products, allowing users to wirelessly operate and monitor real-time system information such as line voltage, amperage, and more via a laptop.

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