Milwaukee Tool extractor set
Shockwave 6 pc. Impact Extractor Set

Milwaukee Tool Launches New Impact Extractor Set

Milwaukee Tool's extractor set helps to remove fasteners.

Milwaukee Tool introduces the new SHOCKWAVE Impact Extractor Set, which is designed to remove damaged, stuck, or corroded fasteners. The extractors are engineered with an optimized geometry made from thick, hardened alloy steel that is reverse-threaded and tapered. The set features laser-etched and color-coded bands so users can more easily organize and identify the size they need for the job at hand. For added utility, the new Extractor Set comes in a flexible plastic holder, which prevents against any pieces getting lost in storage bags, totes, or carts.

Included in the set are five Impact Duty extractors for fastener heads 1/4-in. to 1/2-in. that accept 3/8-in. square drive tools as well as a 1/4-in. to 3/8-in. SHOCKWAVE square socket adapter with up to 30 times life for use in quick change impact drivers.


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