2023 Apprentices in the Spotlight

Oct. 16, 2023
The apprentices showcased their skills and training at the Lineman's Rodeo.

The 2023 International LIneman's Rodeo shattered records with a total of 440 apprentices. Unlike the journeyman teams, the apprentices had to compete on their own in the Lineman's Rodeo.

On Friday afternoon, the apprentices took a written test, and then the next morning, they participated in the pole climb, a mystery event and the hurtman rescue at the Agricultural Hall of Fame grounds in Bonner Springs, Kansas. 

Jeff Rodriguez, a lead lineman for Evergy, was on the sidelines at the Rodeo watching his apprentice compete in the hurtman rescue competition. 

"He's working really hard, and you see where it pays off," Rodriguez says in this video clip on YouTube Shorts. 

This photo gallery highlights the apprentices in this year's competition. If you have a photo you would like to add to this gallery, email Field Editor Amy Fischbach with the apprentice's name, company and location and a description of what is going on in the photo. 

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