Team Trios at the 2023 Lineman's Rodeo

Oct. 16, 2023
Journeyman lineworkers competed to be the best of the best in teams of three at the 2023 International Lineman's Rodeo.

Nearly 300 journeyman teams competed to be the best of the best at the 2023 International Lineman's Rodeo. This year, 292 teams competed, which was an increase of 50 teams from last year's record year. 

The journeymen teams competed in the pole climb, hurtman rescue and two mystery events on chilly and overcast day on the Agricultural Hall of Fame grounds in Overland Park, Kansas. While lineworkers' loved ones wrapped in blankets on the sidelines, the competitors didn't mind the low temperatures, saying it was "good for climbing." 

"The weather is unfavorable, but the linemen go out in all kinds of weather," says Mike Stremel, a retired lineman from Midwest Energy who competed in the Rodeo and is now on the sidelines to help with First Aid. "It's great to see the turnout." 

The following photo gallery highlights some of the journeymen teams competing in the 2023 International Lineman's Rodeo. To see which journeymen teams came out on top in 2023, see the results here.  Also, listen to the Line Life Podcast on our Podcast page, Spotify, Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcasting platform to hear lineworkers and their families talk about this year's Rodeo Week. 

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