2023 Lineman's Rodeo: Lights, Camera, Crews in Action

Oct. 16, 2023
Lineworker teams focused on safety, teamwork and speed during the competition.

After a national recording artist sang a stirring rendition of the national anthem and the competitors and spectators bowed their heads in a moment of silence at the opening ceremony, it was go time for the lineworkers. As soon as the announcer marked the official start of the 2023 International Lineman's Rodeo, the competitors pulled their tool carts to their first event. 

This year's competition began at around 7:30 a.m. and continued well into the afternoon, with the temperatures hovering around 40 or 50 degrees, and the sunlight never spilling over the Rodeo grounds. The journeymen teams, who competed in trios, showcased their skills after years in the trade.

For example, they rescued mannequins, displayed their pole climbing techniques and demonstrated their teamwork in the mystery events. The journeymen lineworkers competed in six different divisions including military, contractor, REA, IOU, MUNI and senior. To see all the results from this year's competition, click here

This photo gallery shows the journeyman crews in action during the International 2023 Lineman's Rodeo. 

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