A Team Approach to Trauma Response Training

March 6, 2023
Colorado Springs Utilities is collaborating with the local fire department, EMS and Life Flight to provide real-world training for field crews.

Line crews often travel far distances and work in remote areas to keep the power flowing for customers. To keep their workers safe in the field, electric utilities often implement an emergency response plan and train their crews in hurtman rescue techniques. Linemen, however, can face a major challenge when waiting for EMS teams to arrive on the scene — especially if they don’t have the proper resources, support or equipment.

To protect its field workforce and better equip them to handle emergency situations, Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) embraced a new approach to hurtman rescue training four years ago. By partnering with local agencies like the Colorado Springs Fire Department (CSFD) and Flight for Life, the utility can provide its electric workers with a more detailed, real-world trauma training program.

Following are scenes from the training site.

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