Capturing the Spirit of the Lineman's Rodeo in Pictures

Nov. 1, 2022
Competitors, spectators and supporters sent in their favorite photos from the 2022 Lineman's Rodeo. Here are some of our favorite shots.

The record-breaking 2022 Lineman's Rodeo brought the line trade together. Linemen from across North America packed their tool bags and traveled to Kansas City for a week of fun and competition. 

Over the last few weeks, we've featured many photos from our T&D World team, but now it's your turn. In this special photo gallery, we're featuring photos sent in by our social media followers and T&D World subscribers. Everyone from proud line wives to marketing managers sent in their favorite shots of their teams competing at the Rodeo. 

While we had hundreds of photos to choose from, here are a few of our favorites, which represent teams from far and wide. The shots not only showcase the spirit of the competition, but also the artistry of the Rodeo. For example, photographers captured the exact moment when the sun rose over the grounds, broke through the clouds or spilled over the grounds. These photos also feature portraits of the linemen who gave it their all during the competition.

Do you have a photo you want to add to this gallery? Email it to Field Editor Amy Fischbach at [email protected]. Also, which one is your favorite? Let us know which one you liked the best out of the slideshow. 

For more Rodeo coverage, look for articles in the December issue of T&D World. We are also featuring audio interviews in the Rodeo-themed December Line Life podcast, sponsored by Huskie Tools, airing on Dec. 16. 

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