Awarding the Top Tool of the Trade for 2022

Oct. 17, 2022
The T&D World team honored the finalists at the Lineman's BBQ on Friday night. Which of the category winners won the top three spots?

The fifth annual Top Tools of the Trade Awards program is designed to honor excellence in the electric utility industry. Companies enter their new products for evaluation by esteemed judges, and that process results in a finalist for each category. The finalists are then voted on by utility professionals.

At the Lineman's Expo on Oct. 13 and 14, 2022, the category winners had special signs in their booths inviting Lineman's Rodeo attendees to vote for the Top Tool of the Trade. At the Lineman's BBQ, following the Trade Night, the T&D World team awarded plaques to the finalists and announced the top three winners. 

The following photo gallery includes photos of the category finalists from the show floor at the 2022 Lineman's Expo. 

The category finalists for 2022 were:

  • The Attachments category winner is the 4N1 Cup Holder and Tool Organizer from Line Work Bucket Products.
  • In the Battery-Powered Tools category, the finalist is Milwaukee Tool for their M18 FUEL™ Utility Fencing Stapler.
  • For Climbing Gear, the finalist award goes to Bashlin Industries Inc for the 88FFX Flex-Fit 4 D-Ring Climbing Belt.
  • The finalist in the Computers And Tablets category is Durabook Americas Inc. for the Durabook U11 Tablet.
  • In the Hand Tools category, the finalist award goes to Buckingham Manufacturing for the Arc Tested BuckHolder Tool Wristlet.
  • For Heavy Equipment, the finalist is Sherman+Reilly for the Electric Duct Dawg E+
  • In Measurement and Testing Tools and Equipment, Greenlee is a finalist for their RT-10 Rope Tester
  • For Safety Technology, Milwaukee Tool AR/FR Cat. 1 High Visibility Safety Vest
  • In the Sealants and Sealing category, the finalist is Buckingham Manufacturing for BuckLube
  • For Training Systems, the finalist award goes to Digital Apprentice, LLC for Lineman's Reference - XFMR Lab.
  • In the Utility Poles and Infrastructure, the finalist is Andax for their Transformer Containment Bag™
  • For the Vegetation Control category, Overstory is our finalist for their Satellite Vegetation Intelligence program.
  • In the Work Apparel category, the finalist is Lac-Mac Limited for their High-Visibility ARC-Flash Outerwear.

Field Editor Amy Fischbach announced the top three winners, who each earned a trophy. They were as follows:

  • First place: 4NI Cup Holder and Tool Organizer from Line Work Bucket Products
  • Second place: Lineman's Reference-XFMR training lab from Digital Apprentice
  • Third place: Electric Duct Dawg E+ from Sherman + Reilly

Congratulations to all the finalists and to the top three winners. Thank you for manufacturing products that keep the linemen safe and productive each and every day. 

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