2021 Lineman's Rodeo: Teamwork in the Trade

Oct. 24, 2021
Journeymen linemen competed in teams of three during the competition Oct. 16, 2021, in Bonner Springs, Kansas.

At the International Lineman's Rodeo, apprentices compete on their own, but journeymen must form teams of three in order to participate in the events. To rack up a high score and minimize deductions, the linemen must focus on teamwork, precision and craftmanship. 

Earning a coveted spot on the awards stage demands dedication and hard work from all three team members. During the mystery events, one lineman serves as a groundman while the other two scale the pole. During the pole climb and hurtman rescue events, each lineman must complete the events, and then the results are combined for a total team score. 

This photo gallery is dedicated to the journeyman teams at the 2021 International Lineman's Rodeo. If you have any photos that you would like for us to include in this gallery, please email them to Field Editor Amy Fischbach. Congratulations to all the journeyman teams, and thank you for coming out to the 2021 event. 

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