Celebrating the Future of the Line Trade

May 3, 2019
This photo gallery shines a spotlight on the students who are entering and graduating from line schools and programs nationwide.

It is now the month of May, which means waves of future linemen are graduating from their training programs nationwide. The team at T&D World wishes to congratulate these hard-working pre-apprentices and apprentices as they step into the field for a lifelong career in line work. 

While many of the photos in this gallery show the students posing on power poles, all of us know that linemen don't just grow on trees. Instead, it takes hard work, dedication and commitment to successfully complete a training program. 

Here are a few of the graduating and incoming classes of future linemen who have popped up on the LinemenWorld Instagram page over the last few weeks. If you have a photo that you want to add to our gallery, please email Amy Fischbach, Field Editor. Also, if you haven't done so already, consider following us at LinemenWorld

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