Winter Storm Maya: Linemen Restore Ice-Inflicted Outages

March 1, 2019
Rappahannock Electric Cooperative crews restore power in Virginia following winter storm.

Winter Storm Maya blanketed the country with ice and snow, knocking out power and inflicting damage to infrastructure. For example, Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC), a Touchstone Energy cooperative in Culpeper, Virginia, was hard hit, especially in the higher elevations of its service territory. 

Before the ice storm even rolled in, the ground was already saturated, according to REC. Then heavy wet snow, sleet and freezing rain caused outages in five different counties, knocking out power to thousands of customers.  

REC shared the following photos with T&D World magazine to show the damage caused by the storm as well as their linemen restoring power. If you have photos or stories that you want to share with us, please email Field Editor Amy Fischbach, and they could appear in our Lineman Life enewsletter, our Web site or Electric Utility Operations, our special section devoted to coverage of the field. 

Also, to see a video of REC's response to Winter Storm Maya, visit their Instagram page

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