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LED Flashlight Shines For Seven Hours

Linemen must often work in the middle of the night to restore power following a severe storm or unexpected outage. Koehler BrightStar's Razor 2 provides field professionals with an intrinsically safe work light to get the job done. With a Class I, Division 1, Groups A-D rating, The Razor 2 is ergonomically designed for long, comfortable use, day or night in low light to complete darkness. 

This lightweight LED flashlight, which can be used for safety inspections, shines for seven hours with 325 lumens. Its focused beam of 14,000 candelas extends 237 meters, which is a beam distance equal to more than two football fields or almost an entire city block.

"This handheld flashlight eclipses so many other lights used in challenging environments," says George Savich, director of sales for Koehler Brightstar. "From the lightweight design to the compact size to the safety ratings, this flashlight technology brings Koehler Bright Star into a new realm of safe work lights."

The Razor 2 is watertight and designed with a large push button on/off switch for easy accessibility in the dark. It operates on three AA alkaline batteries and weighs only 7 ounces. There is a tail cap slot for a lanyard, and the holster and lanyard accessories are sold separately.

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