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Jelco Offers Full Line of Arc-Flash Compliant Fall Protection Devices

Harnesses and lanyards are adjustable for a comfortable fit for workers.

Jelco has a complete line of arc-flash compliant harnesses, lanyards and SRLs to meet the needs of transmission, distribution, substation and generation.

User feedback was integral in designing the company's product line to provide maximum comfort while meeting the most stringent standards and being user-friendly. Jelco's harnesses are designed to give adjustability to ensure a proper fit for the worker.

Harnesses and lanyards are available in any configuration users need for their specific work applications. Email the company at [email protected], call 800-361-4583 or visit the Web site at for more information. 

To see the company's line of fall protection equipment, visit Jelco's booth at ESMO 2019 in Columbus, Ohio. Register for the event by visiting the Web site

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