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Hurricane Florence: Storm Social Media Snapshot

As mutual assistance crews hit the road for the Carolinas, many companies tracked their progress on social media.

Not that long ago, when linemen were deployed out on storms, they didn't have smart phones or social media at their fingertips. While they could call their families when they arrived safely in the storm restoration zone, they didn't even have the option of sending texts, doing FaceTime with their children or sharing photos on social media. 

Today, not only linemen, but also their companies, are sharing updates on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. That way, their customers can track the progression of the line crews as they travel from their home states to the affected areas. Last night, Edison Electric Institute shared a "social media snapshot," which shows a collection of these posts over the last few days. The graphic below is just one example of a recent social media update by Edison Electric Institute (EEI), the investor-owned utilities and companies providing mutual aid. Click here for more. 




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