Hurricanes 2017

On the Ground with Utility Crews After Hurricane Irma

Coming on the heels of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, Hurricane Irma made Florida landfall on the weekend of Sept. 2, starting in the Florida Keys as a Cat 4 storm and heading up the southwest Florida Gulf Coast, with the eye of the hurricane passing between Naples to the south and Fort Meyers to the north.  
In total, Hurricane Irma passed through nine states, but of course none were as gravely affected as Florida.  As of the Tuesday after the storm, a reported 15 million Floridians were without power. The storm featured wind speeds up to 185 miles per hour, and a somewhat unexpected veer to the west meant nearly 6.3 million people evacuated at least the southern half of the Sunshine State.  
T&D World was there, to not only document the damage but report on the efforts of electric utilities to restore power to literally millions of customers.

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