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Linemans rodeo GoPro

GoPro Footage from Linemen Competitors at the International Rodeo

What would happen if you taped a camera on the helmet of a lineman? We wanted to test this out at the 2014 International Lineman's Rodeo. Thanks to the help of a few linemen, we were able to grab some incredible footage of the event. We spotted several lineman using GoPros.

Mark Hughes Successfully Completes the Journeyman Hotstick Competition

Part 2:

Opening Ceremony

Watching the Opening Ceremony 100 ft. in the bucket was quite the treat. The following video covers a good chunk of the coverage. Note: At marker 6:20 you'll see the planes fly by the American Flag.

For a closer look visit mark :14:

Note: this particular video was not shot with a GoPro.

Hurtman's Rescue

Bruce Thompson, journeyman for Local 47 in Riverside, Calif. attempts the Hurtman's Rescue at the 31st Annual International Lineman's Rodeo in Bonner Springs, Kansas.

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