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FR Clothing with Perimeter Insect Guard

FR Clothing with Perimeter Insect Guard

With escalating concern about Zika virus and cases of Lyme Disease on the rise, outdoor workers are particularly at risk. Complicating the issue, outdoor workers who also face arc flash hazards should never use flammable insect repellents - like those containing DEET - with arc-rated flame resistant (FR) clothing. Electric utility workers can safely protect themselves from both arc flash hazards and disease-carrying insects like mosquitos and ticks with Tyndale’s new line of FRMC® garments featuring Perimeter Insect Guard™.

Perimeter™ interferes with insects' nervous systems — stopping them in their tracks. This non-flammable repellent is safe for use with FR clothing and repels insects for 50+ launderings.

Perimeter™ technology has been used by the US Army for more than 20 years and as standard issue for the Marines since 2007. It’s approved and recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a safe and effective method of preventing insect-transmitted diseases.

Perimeter Insect Guard™ is available on Tyndale’s Made in USA Knit Henley (M06PT), Lightweight Canvas Pant (M29PT), Premium Button Down Shirt (M11PT), and Premium Relaxed Fit Jean (F29PT).

Call 800-356-3433 or visit to order, or visit for more information.

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