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Fiberglass Crossarms

Fiberglass Crossarms

GEOTEK introduces a full line of fiberglass H-frame crossarms and braces, adding to the company’s extensive line of PUPI brand electrical distribution and transmission products. PUPI fiberglass H-frame crossarms and braces are now available in standard system lengths of 22 ft, 26 ft and 32 ft in both tangent and deadend configurations. Custom transmission arms in virtually any length are also available, and GEOTEK engineers are ready to design transmission systems based on customer specifications. PUPI H-frame crossarms and braces can be used with all pole materials.

PUPI fiberglass crossarms and braces are suited to transmission structures. They are lighter than wood, so they are easier to handle and install. They are constructed of engineered materials, so their strength is consistent and stays that way over time. Fiberglass resists insects and woodpeckers, and will never rot. Fiberglass is known as an excellent insulator, and it will never rust or need recoating. PUPI crossarms and braces are maintenance free, with a service life designed to meet or exceed any pole material.

PUPI’s new H-frame systems feature EZE-Fit adjustable brace end fittings, which adjust to any angle and allow up to 10 inches of length adjustability to facilitate re-fitting to existing poles. Exclusive SunGUARD UV resistant coating is thermally bonded to the surface, forming a protective layer that stays smooth and protects the fiberglass from intense sunlight for 60-plus years. Exclusive TorqueGUARD bushings reinforce holes for added strength and prevent any possibility of damage during hardware installation.

GEOTEK | www.pupicrossarms.com

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