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Family Moments at the 2014 International Lineman's Rodeo

It's 7:30 a.m., and the sun has decided that it is the perfect day to show its full face. Gracefully laying down its rays amongst hundreds of people in Bonner Springs, Kansas, there couldn't a better way to introduce the 31st Annual Lineman's Rodeo. Mix that in with a full day of competition, great food, and family; you might have yourself the closest thing to perfection.

Walking around the fairgrounds you couldn't help but notice how supportive the kids were. Barely clearing the ropes that separated the spectators from the competition, they looked up in awe at their parents or grandparents climbing 40 feet in the air.

It would be a sin not to capture some of these moments, so it was only appropriate to pick a few of our favorite family photos from the event.

If you have a family photo that deserves to be in this gallery, please send your photo with your names and captions to Amy Fischbach at [email protected] or Joe Baugnet at [email protected].

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