ergonomic fall restraint

Fall Protection Featured at Rodeo Expo

Bashlin featured an upgrade to its Patriot Wood Pole Fall Restraint Device and many other new products at Booth #407 at the International Lineman's Rodeo & Expo this year.  The 76PAT device has been upgraded with the following improvements:

  • Stronger handles for a better grip and performance
  • More durable rope rollers
  • Field replaceable Colligo rope clamp termination for the outer pole rope
  • Lightest weight WPFRD on the market
  • Ergonomist Approved

 Watch the video online at It is also available in transmission model 76PAT-T.

Bashlin also featured new lightweight climbing belts with forged aluminum D-Rings instead of the industry standard forged steel hardware. Other products include dielectric harnesses and lanyards. These harnesses and lanyards will use snap hooks and quick-release buckles that are constructed with nylon molded over heat treated steel that will provide a minimum 9KV rating.

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