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Fall Protection

Fall Protection

Buckingham Manufacturing Co. Inc. introduces the Model 63992 LinePro Tower Harness. The device is designed for aerial line workers’ safety and comfort during long hours of suspension work.

A Buckingham 2000M belt with state-of-the-art tower harness features seven dee rings, wide leg pads with quick-connect buckles and a U-shaped harness yoke to eliminate neck irritation. It also buckles in front and back to adjust harness for snug fit. The handcrafted leather belt features a 5½-inch cushioned back reinforced with rawhide lace, tool loops, and accessory snaps and rings. The harness also has floating dees, and two friction buckles tighten the belt. It is also multifunctional for towers, helicopters and wood poles.

Buckingham Manufacturing Co. Inc.www.buckinghammfg.com

Buckingham Manufacturing Co. Inc.

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