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Digger Derricks

Digger Derricks

To help utility companies and contractors select the right size of digger derrick to complete the majority of their day-to-day tasks, a new comparison called Work Zone Capacity is being promoted as a new industry standard by Terex. Work Zone Capacity highlights the ability of a digger derrick to perform the tasks for which it is built: digging holes and setting poles.

The new standard reflects the digger derrick’s boom lifting capacity and accounts for the digger derrick’s auger digging and lifting capacity. These capacities need to match the work that the operator is trying to do. For instance, contractors do not want to buy a digger derrick with a capacity in the work zone that does not allow them to lift an auger full of material out of the hole. The new Work Zone Capacity gives utility companies and contractors the tool to select a truck that is properly sized to perform all of the jobs it is tasked to do.

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Digger Derricks

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